Join us at The Kitchen Table.

The Kitchen Table is designed as the home away from home for professional and home chefs as a place to cook, learn, entertain, and celebrate.

Your event is completely customizable. Bring friends, food and wine and enjoy our custom kitchen and dining room set just for your event. Or relax and let us plan every detail and suggest the best New York chefs and sommeliers that can make your culinary dreams a reality. And best of all, we do the dishes after you leave.

Learn more about how we can help you host the ultimate dinner party, rehearsal dinner, birthday party, off-site meeting or corporate event at The Kitchen Table. 

We are changing not just the table but the quality of people’s lives. Eating is a ritual. It can be a mechanical, grabby kind of thing. Or we can sit down and have an experience that is renewing.
— Alice Waters

Unleash your inner celebrity chef - they don't do dishes either.